When are Taxes Due?
  • Real Estate - Due semi-annually - July 1 and January 1
  • Motor Vehicle Taxes - Due annually - July 1 (vehicles registered as of October 1)
  • Supplemental Motor Vehicle Taxes - Due annually - January 1 (vehicles registered from October 2 through the following July 31)

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1. What do I own that is subject to taxes?
2. When are Taxes Due?
3. What is Darien’s mill rate for the Grand List Year 2022?
4. How is the tax (mill) rate established?
5. When does my tax bill become delinquent?
6. What if I am delinquent on my real estate taxes?
7. Can the Tax Collector waive interest?
8. What if my real estate taxes are no longer escrowed?
9. What if I am living overseas?