Darien Digs Dogs

See the following link for a list of dog rules for each town park: Dog Rules In Parks (PDF).

Darien Parks and Recreation Is Dog-Gone Excited to Announce Our Newest Campaign!

Doggy Do's

  • Goal: The goal of the Darien Digs Dogs campaign is to educate our dog owner residents about the Doggy Dos (and don'ts!) for each of our Parks, so that we have a well-informed community and more fun!  We want to ensure that our well-loved furry pets, their owners, AND our entire community, have the opportunity to enjoy our parks together, in a healthy and safe way! 
  • Let's Heel for a Second and Explain What We're Barking AboutWhat are Doggy Do's? The Doggy Do's are a list of fun things you and your dog can do to enjoy each park! Next time you visit a Darien park with your four-legged family member(s), SNIFF around a little and you can track down these fun signs posted by our generous doggy volunteer team!

Weed Beach Doggy DosExample from Weed Beach:

Please note: The Weed Beach Dog Program has ended for the season. The Program runs from November 1st- March 31st annually. 

Please enjoy Weed Beach with four-legged family members responsibly and send us photos! #DarienDigsDogs

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Family With Dog Offleash WbHow to Participate

We encourage residents to take pictures of their Doggies Do-ing the right thing while enjoying our parks! For example, see photo and phrase below:

  • “Doggie Do... Do enjoy off-leash time with your family at Weed Beach in the designated area from November 1st to March 31st!”
  • Want to take the fun a step FURther? Dress up for your photos based on our monthly themes and come up with fun phrases to accommodate your photos!

For example, let's say “Holiday Cheer” is the theme for December. See the following photos with captions

  • "Doggie Do.. Do enjoy the holidays with your deer friends at Cherry Lawn Park!"
  • "Doggie Do.. Let your dog enjoy off-leash runs during the GOLDEN hours of dawn-10:30 am, Monday through Friday and dawn to 8:30 am on the weekends September 1st to May 31st."

Can't wait to get started? Get creative with Doggie Do themes!

  • Example: These pups had some St. Patty's Day fun for March!
  • How do you share your creative photos?
  • Hashtags: Make sure you hashtag #DarienDigsDogs and which park you are enjoying!
  • Tag Us! Make sure you tag Darien Parks & Rec, so we can share and enjoy your photos!
  • Parks and Rec Social Media Platforms:
  • Facebook: Darien Parks and Recreation
  • Instagram: @Darienparkandrec
  • Email Parks and Recreation and we will share your photos on the Darien Parks and Rec pages!
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PAWS for a Second & Check out Some of Our February Submissions:

  • Darien Digs Dogs, but we have to make sure the rules are followed so our fur-babies can continue enjoying time with their humans in the parks! So make sure you join our effort and share your family photos of your Doggie Do-ing the right thing today!
  • Grab your pup and go exploring today! See the following map of the Cherry Lawn trails, which are guaranteed to wag some tails!
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Cherry Lawn Trail Map