Beach Permits

Beach Permit and Boat launch applications will be included in the Spring and Summer brochure which will be mailed out to all Darien households the last week of February. The Parks and Recreation Department will be accepting applications for beach permits starting March 1st. Stickers are available to Darien residents and taxpayers only. Proof of residency must be presented in the form of current motor vehicle registration to Darien address.

Avoid standing in line!!! Simply purchase your permit at Darien Parks and Recreation or print out the 2023 Beach Permit Application (PDF) and drop it in the mail with a copy of the DMV registration for each vehicle. We will quickly process your application and mail your permit(s) to you. Please note that all applications processed prior to April 3rd will be mailed the week of April 3rd. Application instructions appear in the 2023 Spring and Summer brochure. Please call the Parks and Recreation Department at 203-656-7325 for more information.

Type of PermitCost of Permit
Resident (see note)$53 (includes CT sales tax)
Senior ResidentFree (1 per family)
Non-Resident Taxpayer$85 (includes CT sales tax)
Summer Residents$112 (includes CT sales tax)
Daily Beach Pass$53 (includes CT sales tax)
Boat Launch$50
Daily Boat Launch$70

Note: To qualify for a resident pass, the car must be registered in Darien. If the car is owned by a Darien resident and registered in a town other than Darien, the cost is $85 for the car. Non-Darien residents may purchase a day pass at either Weed or Pear Tree Point Beaches for $53/vehicle. Boats without a boat launch permit may purchase a daily boat launch permit for $70 at Pear Tree Point Beach.

Beach Permit and Boat launch stickers are required from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day at Pear Tree Beach and mid-April through late September at Weed Beach or when gatehouses are staffed. No one is permitted to enter the facilities without the proper permit.

Interested in having a picnic or barbecue at the beach? To reserve a section of the picnic area you will need a permit issued through the Parks and Recreation Office. Call 203-656-7325 for more information.