Downtown Municipal Parking

There are many municipal parking lots in downtown Darien.  They all have free short-term parking for shoppers.

The lots are as follows:

  • Mechanic Street-accessed from either Mechanic Street or Boston Post Road - Permit and Pay Station Parking
  • Center Street North-accessed from Center Street - Permit, 2 and 3 Hour Parking
  • Center Street South-accessed from either Center Street, Boston Post Road, or Old King's Highway South - Permit, 2 and 3 Hour Parking
  • Tilley-accessed from Mansfield Avenue (Route 124) - Permit and 1 Hour Parking
  • Grove Street-accessed from Grove Street or Squab Lane - Permit and 2 Hour Parking
  • Squab Lane-accessed from Grove Street or Leroy Avenue - Permit Parking Only

Their locations are shown on Downtown Darien Parking Map (PDF)

Note: The following train station parking lots are open for daily parking between 9:30 am and Midnight, payable via the pay stations at the $4 daily rate:

  • Leroy West
  • Squab Lane
  • Mechanic Street