Fire Marshal

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Darien Fire Marshal's Office

General Information

The Darien Fire Marshal's office is located in the Town Hall. Personnel include the Fire Marshal, Assistant Fire Marshal/Emergency Management Director, two Deputy Fire Marshals and two part-time Fire Inspectors, one of whom also serves as the Blight Prevention Officer, and a Secretary. The Fire Marshal's Office represents Darien's three Volunteer Fire Departments: Darien, Noroton, and Noroton Heights.

The Darien Fire Marshal's Office enforces Connecticut State Law, Chapter 541, Sections 29-291 through 29-370, which includes the Connecticut Fire Safety Code and the Connecticut Fire Prevention Code as well as referenced National Codes and local ordinances.

The Fire Marshal, Assistant Fire Marshal/Emergency Management Director, Deputy Fire Marshals, and Inspectors are State certified, and must maintain a minimum of 90 additional credits every three years to maintain certification.

All occupancies in Darien, except for one and two-family residences, fall under the jurisdiction of the Fire Marshal and require plan review (PDF), construction inspection, and inspections thereafter, to apply follow the link below to the Town's online permitting system.

At this time payments for any applications for the Fire Marshal's Office can be paid through the online permitting system, or by check and which be mailed in or dropped off at the Office.

Darien Connecticut ViewPoint Online Permitting System

Duties, as prescribed by State Law in addition to plan review and inspections, include fire investigation (for origin and cause), permits for bonfires, blasting, and flammable liquid tanks, certification of nursery schools and daycare centers, convalescent centers certification, assisted living facilities certification, certification of all liquor permit premises, and fire prevention education programs.

The Fire Marshal issues permit for all gasoline, commercial fuel oil, and liquid petroleum gas tank installations and any tank removal in the Town and investigate and work with the State Department of Energy and Environmental Protection on all hazardous materials spills.