Adopted Fiscal Year 2023 to 2024 Budget

General Fund

Use the following links to see detailed information for each department. The department links contain the following information, when applicable:

  • A description of the department
  • Graphs showing the department as a % of the BOS budget and historical revenues and expenditures
  • Links to explore historical revenues and expenditures.  This will take you to OpenDarien where you can drill down on accounts.
  • Accomplishments and Objectives for prior, current and budget years
  • Tables showing historical revenues and expenditures by account type
  • Table showing historical staffing
  • Estimate of total Fiscal Year 2023 personnel costs
  • Performance Measures
  • Explore the Budget in OpenDarien
  • Detail on the Budgets for Other Funds
  • Adopted Budget (PDF)

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