Advisory Committee Charge

Great Island Advisory Committee 

The acquisition of Great Island presents a tremendous opportunity for the Town of Darien to expand open space and provide additional recreational opportunities for our residents.   Decisions regarding the property’s use, including capital and operating investments, must be made with great care and take into account input from Town residents as well as the provisions of the Town’s long-term Plan of Conservation and Development.  

Planning needs to start now for the work that must begin immediately after the acquisition closes in May.  This work will include, but is not limited to, widening access roads, establishing initial parking areas, determining property hours, and creating required signage.  Also important will be remediation of certain environmental issues, management and control of existing improvements, and provision of sanitary facilities. 

The Board of Selectmen (the “Board”) believes that the creation of a Great Island Advisory Committee (the “Committee”) is necessary in order to carry out the aforementioned duties.  The Board is establishing this Committee now to ensure proper oversight of the immediate post-acquisition tasks.  

Initial Committee membership shall consist of nine (9) members, including four (4) full time residents of Darien appointed by the Board, two (2) Selectmen, the Moderator of the RTM (or RTM member designated by the Moderator), and the Chairmen of the Board of Finance, and Parks and Recreation Commission (or members of these boards designated by their chairmen).  Committee membership shall adhere to the same minority political representation requirements as other boards and commissions.  

Ex-officio members shall include the First Selectman, Town Administrator, Finance Director, Public Works Director, Parks & Recreation Director, Supervisor of Town Facilities, Police Chief, Fire Marshal, Director of Emergency Management and Chairman of the Advisory Commission on Coastal Waters.  

The Committee’s initial charge shall be to:

  1. Select from its membership a Chairman, who shall be a Selectman, a Vice Chairman and a Secretary;
  2. Prepare and approve a regular meeting schedule, agendas and minutes of Committee’s activities, in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order and in compliance with the State of Connecticut Freedom of Information Act; 
  3. Identify, interview and recommend to the Board such professionals and consultants deemed necessary to advise the Committee on its charge, including the terms under which they will serve the Committee;
  4. Provide oversight of selected professionals;
  5. Create infrastructure plans and related projects that will enable residents to safely access the property, and present the details and costs of such plans and projects to the Board for approval;
  6. Develop operating and capital budget estimates for any infrastructure plans or related projects for presentation to the Board of Selectmen, Board of Finance and RTM;
  7. Develop and submit applications to Town, State and Federal regulatory authorities as required to carry out the project;
  8. Provide oversight of the projects and related expenditures; 
  9. Report to the Board at least monthly on the progress of the Committee’s work; and,
  10. Provide a financial update on a monthly basis to the Board of Finance, with the assistance of the Finance Department.

In the coming months, the Board will update the Committee’s charter and clarify its responsibilities and longer-term tasks. 

Adopted by the Board of Selectmen 04/03/2023