Building Permit Fees

There is a $10 permit fee for every $1,000 valuation of work or fraction thereof shall be assessed (there shall be a $10 fee minimum); additionally, a state-mandated education fee of $0.26 per $1,000 valuation of work shall be assessed.

The above-stated fees cover all mechanical, electrical and plumbing work included in the valuation of work submitted along with the building permit application; individual trade permits, however, must still be obtained separately from the building permit.

Valuation of work includes the entire cost of construction, alteration or moving of the building or structure including value of all materials and labor used, whether or not donated or furnished by the owner. Does not include value of land, sanitary disposal system, well, driveway or site work.

Carnivals, fairs, exhibitions or similar activity - $10

Temporary electric service for construction - $30

Service change or revamp - $60

Oil tank or Propane installation - $20

There shall be no refund of any fee, or part thereof, after a permit has been issued.

State-mandated education fee of.26 per $1,000 of construction value shall be assessed to all building permits.