Youth Services

Summer Camp

The Darien Youth Commission (DYC) sponsors the Town Summer Camp program, offering three, two-week grade-level day camps servicing children who are entering grades 1 to 6 and the Middle School Summer Activity Program (MSSAP) servicing children who are entering grades 7 to 9.

Teen Options Program (TOPS)

The Teen Options Program (TOPS) is sponsored by the Darien Youth Commission. It is endorsed by Middlesex Middle School and made possible through the generous involvement of parent volunteers.

Darien Youth Commission (DYC)

The Youth Commission shall act as an advocate for youth services by developing, planning, coordinating, and/or conducting programs and/or activities focused on enrichment for the youth of the Town of Darien.

Community Events

The DYC sponsors a number of community events targeting a wide range of ages. From movies in the park to concerts at the beach; from window painting events to drive-thru food drives; from scavenger hunts to community suppers...there are options for all.  

Please check here for our "Happy Hearts for Seniors" activity.  

Community Connections

Darien's Thriving Youth Darien Involving all sectors of the community, Thriving Youth is Darien's coalition of concerned youth, community and civic organizations, businesses, and individuals working together to provide meaningful relationships, experiences, skills, and opportunities to benefit all our children. (For additional information on Darien's prevention council, visit the Community Fund of Darien's Thriving Youth Darienwebsite.)