9/21/2022 - Sidewalk Improvement Project- Nearwater Lane

Nearwater Lane – Sidewalk Upgrades (Nickerson Lane to Woodland Drive)

The Town of Darien will begin replacing sidewalks on the west side of Nearwater Lane between Nickerson Lane and Woodland Drive as depicted by the blue line in the inset photograph. 

The existing asphalt sidewalk will be replaced in kind with asphalt.  Concrete handicap ramps at intersections will also be installed as part of the overall project.  The sidewalk location will be virtually the same as the existing sidewalk within the town right of way.  No work will take place on private property without consent and full understanding of owner.  The road will not be closed due to this proposed construction.  Darien Police or other traffic control will be on site.  Work is expected to begin on Monday, September 26, 2022, with completion before Halloween. 

Please feel free to contact the Town of Darien Department of Public Works at 203-656-7346, or email to should you have any questions or concerns.