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Message from First Selectman Jayme Stevenson 

Dear Friends,
We find ourselves in unique and uncertain times as we respond to the myriad challenges brought on by the spread of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. Along with these challenges have come unexpected opportunities for our families, businesses and government at all levels. Healthcare Workers and First Responders here in Darien and across the nation are on the front lines of this virus war. They are our heroes along with our local grocers, pharmacists, restaurant owners and staff, as well as non-profit providers who remain open to help us take care of our basic needs. We all play a critical role in helping stop the spread of the virus by following the guidance and orders issued by federal, state and local leaders. You will find a library of resources on this page. This information will be regularly updated.  Stay safe by staying home as much as you are able. We will get through this together!  

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Date Case(s) Reported    Date of Patient(s) Test    Age 0-9   10-19    20-29   30-39   40-49   50-59   60-69   70-79   80-89   90+  
January 15: 10   1/8, 2(1/10), 1/11, 4(1/12), 2(1/13)     1     2     1     1     1     3     1      
January 14: 10  2(1/11), 5(1/12), 3(1/13)       4         2     1     1     2    
January 13: 58  1/6 - 1/12     14    13    9     4     3     9     4       1     1
January 8: 25  1/3, 6(1/4), 11(1/5),7(1/6)     1    10    3     3     6     1     1      
January 7: 17   1/3, 11(1/4), 1/5, 1/6     4      6    2     1       2     2      
January 6: 19 12/21, 12/24, 4(1/2), 9(1/3), 2(1/4), 2(1/4), 2(1/5)      1      4     2     5     4     3      
January 5: 9  3(12/29), 2(12/30), 12/31, 1/1, 2(1/4)     5     1    1         2        

1-14-21 First Selectman's Code Red Message   

Weekly Summary of COVID cases in Darien  (1/14/21)   This summary will be updated on Thursdays.

State of CT Vaccine Information   / Darien Health Department Vaccine Availability Information  /  DPH Vaccine Roll-out Information

At this time, ONLY eligible people (under Phase 1a or who are age 75 and over) may register for a vaccine through the State Vaccine Portal(1/13/21)

Darien Health Department COVID-19 Quarantine and Isolation Guidelines

CT DPH Updated Quarantine Guidance (12/16/20)

CT DPH Weekly COVID Update  

Darien Public Schools COVID-19 Dashboard 

State Alert Database 

Local Testing Locations

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (as of 11/10/20) 


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Code Red Notification Sign Up

CT COVID-19 Data 

Travel Advisory to Certain States is Now in Effect

Health Department Travel Information - revised 10-21-20


     Links to Local Resources
(Local Documents under the drop down menu above.) 

CT CDC and CSDE guidance for moving from hybrid to full opening of schools
District Reopening Schools Task Force Summary Report
Darien BOE COVID19 News & Information
Darien Chamber of Commerce

    Links to State Resources 
State Documents under the drop down menu above.)  

General Guidance for Youth & Amateur Sport Activities 
Governor Lamont's Executive Orders
Filing for Unemployment in CT
Women's Business Development Council
2-1-1 Infoline for CT COVID-19
CT Small Business Development Center - Small Business, Big Ideas Webinar (video)
CT Department of Banking (Mortgage Payment Relief)

    Links to Federal Resources
(Federal Documents under the drop down menu above.)

Centers for Disease Control
Congressman Jim Himes - Website
Congressman Jim Himes - Facebook
Congressman Jim Himes - Twitter 

Disaster Distress Helpline
Federal Guidance and Resource Guide
Health and Human Services
Senator Richard Blumenthal - Website
Senator Richard Blumenthal - Facebook
Senator Richard Blumenthal - Twitter
Senator Chris Murphy - Website
Senator Chris Murphy - Facebook
Senator Chris Murphy - Twitter
US Small Business Administration
US SBA- Payroll Protection Update 
US SBA and Treasury PPA Additional Guidance  (8/25/20)

US SBA - COVID-19 Relief & Resources
US SBA - COVID-19 Relief Options
US Chamber of Commerce
US Dept. of the Treasury
Unemployment Insurance Relief During COVID-19
Unemployment Benefit Increase (FEMA Grant to CT)   (8/25/20)
World Health Organization