Office of Emergency Management

Call 911 ONLY for true emergencies. For non-emergency questions or concerns contact the Office of Emergency Management  State Heat Emergency Health Line 1-800-830-9426.

To sign up for emergency notifications please sign up with Code Red

Provider Contacts: 

Eversource: Power Outages: 800-286-2000 or Online
Altice(Optimum): Residential Customer Service: 866-950-3278, Message @
Frontier: damaged poles, downed wires/cable: 877-486-5667
Aquarion: Daytime: 800-732-9678 / Emergency Answering Service: 888-234-3128

If a local emergency exists, information will be broadcast on the following media outlets;

  • WNLK- 1350 AM RADIO
  • WSTC-1400 AM RADIO
  • WEFX- 95.9 FM RADIO
  • WKHL- 96.7 FM RADIO
  • WTNH- TV Channel 8
  • WFSB- TV Channel 3
  • NOAA-NWS Weather Alert Radio
  • Darien Channel 79-Cable TV
  • 211-INFOLINE

Town of Darien Preparedness Guide

Office of Emergency Management

Emergency Management is planning for, responding to, as well as recovery from disasters either man-made or natural emergencies. In conjunction with the State of Connecticut Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security; working with the common goal of maximizing survival, minimizing injuries, and the preservation of property. This is done utilizing the concept of managing and coordination of large scale emergency operations. The office is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of The Town of Darien Emergency Operations Plan. Working with the State of Connecticut Area One Coordinator to assure the coordination and conformance of the plan meets the terms and conditions set forth in the State of Connecticut General Statutes Title 28 chapter 517 as well as Federal Acts and Regulations that also apply.

Planning is conducted with all of the towns' departments in an effort to coordinate the preparation of the town. The town also conducts training exercises to verify our readiness efforts.  Past exercises have been done simulating; weather related events, hazardous chemical releases, and even biological events. These exercises have even proven effective and very meaningful for the town and all of the staff involved. Utilizing the National Incident Management System and the National Response Plans to effectively respond to, and recover from disasters of any type.

This is all done to keep our community safe. We also work in an effort to mitigate hazards. The Town of Darien recently adopted a Pre-Disaster Mitigation Strategy to further enhance the towns' abilities to lessen a disaster impacts.

We have assembled a fairly comprehensive list of websites for the community to better educate and prepare themselves. These are in the left column of this page. Any interest in further offering of assistance maybe directed to the American Red Cross Darien Chapter, which is looking for additional volunteers for their disaster assistance team or Darien CERT team members.

For prompt all-hazard warning consider purchasing a National Weather Service-NOAA Weather Radio for more information go to:

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Contact Information

Town Hall
Room 117
Town Hall, 2 Renshaw Road

Phone: (203) 656-7345
Fax: (203) 656-7392

Open Monday - Thursday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:15 p.m., closed Friday and Holidays

Marc P. McEwan
Deputy Fire Marshal / Emergency Management Director