Monuments & Ceremonies Commission

The Monuments and Ceremonies Commission consists of 15 members charged with establishing guidelines for new monuments, markers and plaques erected on public property and with cataloguing, surveying and identifying maintenance and upkeep needs of all memorial monuments, markers and plaques on town property. When requested by the Board of Selectmen, this Commission organizes, prepares and monitors public patriotic parades, public celebrations, anniversaries and special community events to enhance the image of the town. When relevant, the Commission consults and coordinates its activities with other town Boards and Commissions. This Commission formed a sub-committee to help in the restoration of abandoned cemeteries.

Listing files in 'Monuments & Ceremonies Commission'

Member Term Expires
Allan Bixler (U) 11/30/2020
Sharon Bixler (R) 11/30/2020
Terry Gaffney (R) Vice-Chairman 11/30/2018
Rollie Holub (R) 11/30/2018
Rob Hulick (R) 11/30/2020 
James Long (R)  11/30/2019
David Polett (R)  Chairman 11/30/2020
Karen Polett (R) Secretary 11/30/2018
 Ken Reiss (U) 11/30/2019
Sueann Schorr (R) Treasurer 11/30/2018
Loren Gomez (D) 11/30/2022
Becky Siciliano (R) 11/30/2019

Ex Officio Member:

  • Ray Osborne, Chief of Police