Advisory Commission on Coastal Waters

Darien's five harbors and 16.5 miles of scenic Long Island Sound coastline represent a valuable natural and recreational resource for Darien residents, as well as for thousands of nonresidents who regularly enjoy our beautiful waters.

Members (1-year terms)

All member terms will expire on 12/31/2016

Member  Term Expires
 Eric Barret (R)  December 31, 2018
 William Cavers (D)  December 31, 2018
 David Dever (R)  December 31, 2018
 Flip Huffard (R), Chairman  December 31, 2018
 Lincoln Jewett (R)  December 31, 2018
 David Kahn (U)  December 31, 2018
 Frank Kemp (D)  December 31, 2018
 Thomas Lochtefeld (R)  December 31, 2018
 Robert Vilter (D)  December 31, 2018
 Audrey Weil (D)  December 31, 2018

Ex-Officio Members

  • Tom Bell, Harbor Master
  • Mary Flynn