Advisory Commission on Coastal Waters

Darien's five harbors and 16.5 miles of scenic Long Island Sound coastline represent a valuable natural and recreational resource for Darien residents, as well as for thousands of nonresidents who regularly enjoy our beautiful waters.

Members (1-year terms)

All member terms will expire on 12/31/2019

Member  Email  Term Expires
 Eric Barret (R)    12/31/2020
 William Cavers (D)  Chairman  12/31/2020
 David Dever (R)    12/31/2020
 Flip Huffard (R)    12/31/2020
 David Kahn (U)    12/31/2020
 Frank Kemp (D)    12/31/2020
 Thomas Lochtefeld (R)    12/31/2020
 William Wright (R)    12/31/2020
 Robert Shuhy (R)  Clerk    12/31/2020
 Grant Tankoos (R)    12/31/2020
 Robert Vilter (D)    12/31/2020

Ex-Officio Members

  • Tom Bell, Harbor Master
  • Lori Bora, Parks & Recreation Chairman
  • Officer Derek Mulcahy