Motor Vehicle Appeal Procedure

The Assessor's Office uses the recommended State Office of Policy and Management pricing procedure. The values are based on Average Retail Values from the National Automobile Dealers Association price guides (NADA).

If you feel your motor vehicle assessment is incorrect based on these guidelines, you may appeal your assessment to the Board of Assessment Appeals. Any October 1st assessment may be appealed in March. This would be on the current assessment for the bill which would become due July. An application must be filed by February 20th to the Board Of Assessment Appeals. The times and dates are also posted in the Town Clerk's office. You may also appeal your motor vehicle assessment only at the Board Of Assessment Appeals September session. This September session is for the bills, which you received, in the previous July.

Please Note: In the event that you appeal your assessment but do not pay your taxes or make insufficient payment within the original payment period for the tax, you shall be subject to all interest and penalties in the same manner as any tax due as provided by the General Statutes of The State Of Connecticut.