Aquifer Protection Agency

2022 Meeting Schedule--in 2022, the Aquifer Protection Agency is scheduled to meet on January 4, 2022 in Room 206 of Darien Town Hall at 6:55PM.  NOTE: This meeting has been cancelled

The Planning and Zoning Commission serves as the Aquifer Protection Agency.

Establishment of Aquifer Protection Agency in Town Code:

Sec. 54-91. - Designation and membership.

(a)    In accordance with the provisions of G.S. § 22a-354a et seq., the planning and zoning commission is hereby designated as the aquifer protection agency (hereinafter the "agency") of the Town of Darien. The staff of the planning and zoning office shall serve as the staff of the agency.

(b)    Members of the planning and zoning commission shall serve coexisting terms on the agency. The membership requirements of the agency shall be the same as those of the planning and zoning commission including, but not limited to the number of members, terms, method of selection and removal of members, and filling of vacancies.

(c)    At least one member of the agency or staff of the agency shall complete the course in technical training formulated by the commissioner of environmental protection of the State of Connecticut, pursuant to G.S. § 22a-354v. Failure to have a member of the agency or staff with training shall not affect the validity of any action of the agency and shall not be grounds for revocation of the authority of the agency under G.S. § 22a-354t.

(Ord. of 9-25-2007(1))

For a list of members, click here.

Aquifer Protection Area Regulations  (took effect on 2/17/2009)

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