Commission On Aging

The Commission on Aging is concerned with the needs of Darien's seniors - and seniors-to-be - with regard to health, recreation, transportation and economics.  Currently, there are more than 3,000 people 60 or older in Darien - making them the fastest growing segment of the Town's population. 

(3-year terms)

Member  Term Expires
Joseph Pankowski Jr. (U), Chairman 03/31/2021
Christine Castles (D)  03/31/2021
 Peter F. Eder (R) 03/31/2022
Jennifer Geddes (R) 03/31/2019
Geraldine Genovese (R) 03/31/2020
Francie George (D) 03/31/2021
Ronald Heinbaugh (R)    03/31/2021
Mary McCarthy (R) 03/31/2020
James Metzger (R)  03/31/2022 
Anne Marie Rayhill (U) 03/31/2020
Raymond Slavin (R) 03/31/2020


Ex-Officio Members
Ali Ramsteck, Human Services Director
Beth Paris, Senior Center Coordinator