Pedestrian Infrastructure Advisory Committee (PIAC)

Final Report of the Pedestrian Infrastructure Advisory Committee
FINAL Report of the Pedestrian Infrastructure Advisory Committee- December 2015  


Member  District  Member District
Ted Hawkins  6  Jennifer Morgan 4
Terry Duffy  5  Susanne Handler 2
Holly Schulz-Amatruda  3  Pat Morrissey 3
Bert von Stuelpnagel  1  Joanna Garrett 6
Elizabeth Harmon  6  

 Resolution by Darien’s Board of Selectmen to create the Pedestrian Infrastructure Advisory Committee

Final version passed May 4, 2015, as recorded in BoS meeting minutes

 Pedestrian Infrastructure Advisory Committee

The Board of Selectman understands the value in promoting safe walking and biking around and within the Town of Darien. The establishment of a Board of Selectmen Pedestrian Infrastructure Advisory Committee (PIAC) is intended to broaden the outreach of the Board of Selectmen and to engage the community in discussions regarding potential high-value improvements tour existing pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure. Recommendations made by the PIAC and adopted by the Board of Selectman will be taken into consideration during the 2016/17 budget development process and incorporated in the current update of the Town Plan of Conservation and Development.

 The Pedestrian Infrastructure Advisory Committee shall be comprised of 7 members and include representatives from the following entities: RTM Planning Zoning and Housing Committee, RTM Public Health and Safety Committee, RTM Public Works Committee, RTM Finance and Budget Committee, RTM Education Committee and 2 at large non-RTM members. There shall be no more than 2 representatives per district. Ex-officio members shall include, when needed, the First Selectman and representatives of the Darien Police Department, Public Works Department and Planning and Zoning Department.


  • Review current conditions 
    Review studies completed to date 
    Solicit input from a variety of constituencies (downtown users, employees of downtown businesses, commuters, students) 
    Meet with the BOS as requested 
    Develop, define and articulate in a presentation to the BOS by 12/1/2015 suggested short and long term improvements. (The presentation should also include impediments to implementation.)