Advisory Committee on Sustainability

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If you have any questions about the Recycling Center, how to single-stream recycle, or any other refuse questions, please email: Additional recycling information may be found at RecycleCTWizard


Member  Term Expires
 Carolyn Bayne (D)  12/31/2023
 Amanda Craig (U)  12/31/2023
 Dan Dolcetti (R)  12/31/2023
 Kathy Finnegan (U), Chairman  12/31/2023
 Mohan Hanumantha (D)  12/31/2023
 Christine LaJaunie (R), Secretary  12/31/2023
 Clifford van Voorhees (R), Vice-Chairman  12/31/2023

Ex-officio Members:

  • Monica McNally, First Selectman
  • Ed Gentile, Director Public Works