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Effective August 21, 2015



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  • YWCA Women of Distinction 2013     Runs  1:19          RERUN
    • Airs:  2:00, 10:14  AM & PM


  • Community Matters – “The Depot”      Runs  48 min   RERUN
    • Airs:  1:10, 7:00 AM & PM


  • Darien Police Commission   8-20         Runs26 min                         AGENDA          VIMEO
    • Airs:  5:17, 9:48, 12:44  AM & PM


  • Tour of Darien Dump  2014      Runs  47 min              RERUN
    • Airs:  4:30, 9:01 AM & PM


  • Pedestrian Infra Adv Comm  8-18   Runs 1:11                                   AGENDA           VIMEO
    • Airs: 3:19, 5:43, 7:50, 11:33  AM & PM


For “on demand” online viewing of all recent programs, click here:   https://vimeo.com/user36218936/videos

Planned coverage for week ahead:


Monday            7:00 pm            Board of Selectmen                           LIVE                 AGENDA

Tuesday           7:30 pm            Pedestrian Infrast Adv Comm           TAPED             AGENDA

                        7:30 pm            Board of Finance                                 LIVE                 NO AGENDA   


To receive TV79’s weekly program schedule, e-mail us at channel79@darienct.gov  or follow us on Twitter:  @DarienTV79     Copies of TV79 coverage are available for $25 per DVD.


If you receive multiple copies of this Program Guide or wish to unsubscribe, just e-mail us at channel79@darienct.gov or call 656-7300 ext 7484 and give us your e-mail address.


Darien TV79 is the Town's government and community television station.  It is available to Darien residents on Cablevision and online via Vimeo.

Staffed by volunteers and paid camera operators, TV79 covers up to five government meetings each week, usually airing them live as they happen and repeating them beginning each Friday when our new program schedule gets underway.

All programming on TV79 is aired "gavel to gavel" without editing. We follow guidelines approved by the Board of Selectmen (see below).

To receive a free e-mail Program Guide each week, e-mail us at channel79@darienct.gov or call 203-656-7484

We're always looking for volunteers to help in our programming. Training is available. Contact us if you'd like to join our team.

Copies of recent programs are available on DVD for $25.  Contact us at DarienTV79@gmail.com

Older meetings are archived and accessible at the Darien Library.

         Check out the TV79 Volunteers Flyer

TV79 Operating Guidelines as approved by the Board of Selectmen

TV79 FAQs