Housing Authority

Darien Housing Authority
24 Allen O'Neill Drive
Darien, CT 06820


Office Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Tuesday thru Friday

The Darien Housing Authority ("DHA") owns and operates Old Town Hall Houses (719 Post Road) and, in addition to owning the land, is a partner in The Heights at Darien (24 Allen O'Neill Drive). Meetings are held the fourth Tuesday of each month.  More specific dates, agendas, minutes and information about the meetings can be found below. DHA is governed by five (5) Commissioners. Four of the Commissioners are appointed by the Board of Selectmen and the fifth is a DHA resident elected by fellow DHA residents. All DHA properties are owned, managed and operated in accordance with State and Federal regulations.

The Heights at Darien

Currently under construction, 106 one, two and three bedroom apartments at The Heights at Darien (formerly known as "Allen O'Neill Homes") will be completed and fully occupied during the spring and summer of 2014.  This new affordable housing is the result of years of DHA effort and replaces 53 outdated units which were built in the 1950s. More detailed information regarding The Heights can be found at http://www.theheightsdarien.com/ .  

While DHA owns the land on which The Heights is built and continues to be a partner in the redevelopment of the property, the direct day-to-day management of the property is handled by a third-party management agent (Imagineers, LLC) under the terms of a development contract.

Old Town Hall Houses

Old Town Hall Houses ("OTHH") was developed by DHA in 1988 through the use of the State of Connecticut Elderly Housing Program. The thirty (30) effeciency and one-bedroom units are restricted to lower-income elderly and disabled households and individuals.  In addition, DHA owns two affordable single family residences at 216 and 218 West Avenue.  DHA continually maintains and upgrades the facilities with funds it has reserved for that purpose.  The day-to-day management of OTHH is contracted to Imagineers, LLC.

Waiting lists for both The Heights and OTHH are currently closed.

Meetings (Agendas & Minutes)

2016 Meetings

2015 Meetings 

2014 Meetings

2013 Meetings

2012 Meetings

2011 Meetings


Commissioners – 2016



Jan Raymond                                     

Email:  janraymond8@gmail.com

Term:  7/01/10 to 6/30/15


Vice Chairman

Joseph Warren                                   

Email:  mrclaus@netzero.net

Term:  7/01/012 to 6/30/16



Peter Bigelow                                    

Email:  peterbigelow@msn.com

Term:  7/01/12 to 6/30/17                  


Resident Commissioner

Jane Matthews                                               

Email:  jane13matthews@outlook.com

Term:  7/01/14 to 6/30/19



Lorraine Golino                                 

Email:  golino@prodigy.net

Term:  7/01/13 to 6/30/18





Executive Director

Nichole Jefferson                                Office: (203) 655-0866

                                                            Fax:     (203) 656-1078

                                                            Email: njefferson@imagineersllc.com


Property Assistant

Melanie Navarro                                 Office: (203) 655-0866

                                                            Fax:     (203) 656-1078

                                                            Email: dhadmin@imagineersllc.com


Maintenance Supervisor

Josef Strate                                         Email: jstrate@imagineersllc.com





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