Pear Tree Beach Building Committee

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Agendas and Minutes  

Meeting Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

 * We strongly encourage all community input to the proposed improvements to Pear Tree Beach.  There are various ways to voice your input by either writing a letter to the editor, email or come to our  monthly meetings.  Your voice is very important to this project.  Please read above FAQ as it provides important information.

Committee Members

Michael Sgroe  (Co-Chairman) 
Randy Tankoos (Co-Chairman)
Tom Bell (Secretary)
Martha Banks
Frank Huck (BOF Representative)
Cheryl Russell
Christa McNamara(BOS Representative)  
Adele Conniff (Alternate) 


Jayme Stevenson (First Selectman) 
Kathleen Buch (Town Administrator) 
Jennifer Charneski ( Dir. of Finance Department) 
Lori Bora(P&R Commission Chairman)
Pam Gery (Dir. of P&R Department)