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Darien 2020 Bicentennial Committee                                                     


The mission of the Darien 2020 Bicentennial Committee, a Subcommittee of the Monuments & Ceremonies Commission, is to plan and organize events and projects that celebrate Darien’s unique heritage, honor the Town’s forefathers and educate the community about Darien’s history. Furthermore, the committee is charged with informing the community about these events and projects and raising the necessary funds to support them.

2020 Bicentennial Logo 

This logo, designed by Darien High School students Charlie Callery, Will Henry Harmon and Kelly Niederreither is the creative property of the Town of Darien, CT and may not be used without permission, except by official sponsors or non-profit partners of the 2020 celebration.


For any information or to participate, volunteer or donate email-  info.darien2020@gmail.com 
or call (203)-656-7338.

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To watch a video of the Opening Ceremony held on January 10, 2020 click  HERE

2020 Committee Members

Alan J. Miller, Chairman 
Maggie McIntire, Co Vice-Chairman 
Robert J. Pascal, Co Vice-Chairman 
Libby Stowell, Treasurer 
Jami Gore, Secretary (ex officio) 
Susan Marks, Bicentennial Coordinator 

Susan Cator 
Sarah Lexow Keena 
Kate Larson 
Caroline Lopez 
Mia Mitchell-Cortelless
Laurie Orem 
Tracey Riccardi 
Lisa Shanahan
Cheryl Williams 
Sarah Woodberry
Marian Castell, Town Historian (ex officio
Alan Gray, Darien Library (ex officio)
Jim Long, (ex officio) Dave Polett, (ex officio
Ken Reiss, Darien Historical Society Historian (ex officio
Jayme Stevenson, First Selectman (ex officio)